FAN VIDEO & PHOTOS: Knight and Day Mexico City Premiere Starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz!

UPDATE: New video posted, July 9.

To all the Tom Cruise, Knight and Day and movie fans in Mexico City, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Muchas Gracias!!

The team at called out for fans in Mexico City attending the premiere of Encuentro Explosivo (In Mexico, Knight and Day goes by the title, Explosive Encounter) to send us your videos, photos and stories from the event on July 7. Your response is blowing us away!

Below are the videos, photos and reporting fans attending the event have submitted, showing other fans around the world the glamor and hospitality of a movie premiere in Mexico. From the looks of it, Knight and Day, Tom and Cameron Diaz were all given the warmest of welcomes!

Among Tom’s fans attending the event, Gabriela Nuñez sent us back a full report! She writes:

“Tom! It was wonderful to see you again in Mexico . You are such a kind and warm person, so considerate with all of us your fans! I had the privilege of meeting you on the first time on the Premiere of Mission Impossible III and was amazed that you took the time to take pictures with almost everyone!!! And also gave so many autographs, always with your wonderful smile. And now in this premiere you were as nice as ever, thank you! You definitely made my day (Knight! haha).”

FAN SUBMITTED VIDEO: Gabriela Nuñez/via Facebook

ABOVE: Gabriela had great seats to catch video of both Tom and Cameron introducing Knight and Day in it’s premiere screening at the Cinemax Santa Fe. Cameron thanks the Mexican contingent and introduces the movie to the country.

FAN SUBMITTED VIDEO: Gabriela Nuñez/via Facebook

ABOVE: The room is filled with love for Tom! The crowd roars after Tom delivers the following message in Spanish:

“Mexico always receives me with open arms. I feel at home when I come to Mexico. ¡Viva Mexico!”

FAN SUBMITTED VIDEO: Gabriela Nuñez/via Facebook

ABOVE: Tom continues telling the crowd how much he enjoys the culture and people of Mexico, and how he made Knight and Day to put a smile on their faces. Again, cheers and love is raised from the screening audience. What more can you say: muchas gracias!

ABOVE: Tom gets the warmest of traditional greetings and celebrates his recent birthday with his Mexican fans, with Mariachis serenading the star with the the traditional birthday song, Las Mañanitas! Feliz Cumpleaños, Tom!

FAN SUBMITTED VIDEO: Lore Valencia/@lorevalencia

ABOVE: Fan blogger Lore Valencia (@lorevalencia) also caught video at the premiere event of the marachis striking up in celebration of the screening and Tom’s birthday.

Gabriela agreed that the traditional music was a hit:

“[It was] a pleasure celebrating your birthday with mariachis. It was awesome.”


ABOVE: Fan blogger Fabiola shares video from the premiere, with the crowd jostling for an autograph from Tom. Wow, that’s a hectic crowd! Nonetheless, she had a great time:

“Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are great! Very sweet and extremely friendly!”

The screening took place at 9 p.m. at the Cinemax Santa Fe. For fans who want to fly in for a closer looke, check out Google Earth below:

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Fans along the red carpet were able to get up-close and personal with both Tom and Cameron. Here are a selection of fan photos from the premiere.


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Gabriela Nuñez/via Facebook

ABOVE: Gabriela gets her wish of an up-close picture with Tom. She reports it was a picture she waited years to get:

“Having the opportunity to greet Tom Cruise in person again was amazing I thought I’d had my lifetime chance to meet him in person on the Mission Impossible III Premiere and I didn’t take my camera that time because they said it was forbidden… so you can imagine my shock when Tom Cruise himself said hello and asked me “Do you have your camera?” But now I wouldn’t miss it for the world… and I DID bring my camera. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get one with Cameron too… but seeing them both in Mexico and their kindness and warmth was great and I am so delighted about it!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Karla Ortega Ocampo/@karlaeoo

ABOVE: Other fans able to get up next to the Knight and Day star include Karla Ortega Ocampo (@karlaeoo), who Tweeted:

“Amazing guy and really cute! The Picture @TomCruise and Me in @Cinemex Santa Fe #Mex in the Premiere of #knightandday. Thanks @CinePREMIERE


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Gabriela Nuñez/via Facebook

ABOVE: Gabriela was really excited when this picture was taken, just seconds before getting her moment with Tom. Obviously a fan of Tom and Cameron’s work, she thanks the stars for their efforts to connect with fans:

I send you a big hug, also for signing my mum’s invitation. She is thrilled! I can’t thank you enough, and Cameron Diaz too (I love her movies too!!! I have many of them on DVD, I hope I can see her in person again too!), you were both great. I wish you the very best now and forever!!!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Gabriela Nuñez/via Facebook

ABOVE: Tom circling the red carpet, greeting fans, taking pictures and signing as many autographs as he could. Does this guy ever get tired? Not when it comes to his fans!


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Gabriela Nuñez/via Facebook

ABOVE: A final shot of Tom and Cameron onstage at the Mexico City premiere of Knight and Day, from front row seats knabbed by superfan, Gabriela.

For all the fans at the Mexican premiere last night, we’re still happy to post your blogs, photos and videos from the Knight and Day premiere to this page with full credit. Share your experience with the world!

Again, to all the fans that submitted, a muchas gracias! To all thinking of sending in their stories, pictures and videos, we can’t wait to see it!

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    Happy birthday Tom. Luck in the movie. I am going to see her.

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    OMG I love it!! me encanto como hablaste en español!!

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    Dear Tom,

    Enjoy Mexico City! Feliz travels! Or is it Travels, Feliz!


  • Lucero canchola

    My dearest Tom,
    I’m so mad! I lost the opportunity to talk with you for the third time here in Mexico. I went to Santa Fe to see you but, a cinema’s employee told me that it was a private event. Please TOM!!! Organize your next premier at the Auditorio Nacional. It’s the perfect place for you and for your thousands and thousands of fans in Mexico. And Happy Birthday!!!! I can’t believe it you look so great!!!

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    Que bellos Tom! Estoy esperando el 16 de julio para ver el estreno de la película en Venezuela. Te quiero mucho. (macolinax)

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    It’s great to see you here in Mexico, and almost in your birthday. Please, be always the same kind person and enormous actor. I love you and admire you so much.
    God bless you

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    Excellente Tom! I’m spanish and originally from Honduras it’s great to see that you are personally introducing Knight Movie in Mexico too. Muchos aficionados!! Felicidades en tu lanzamiento de esta nueva pelicula. And Happy Belated birthday from Duluth Minnesota. :) I’m hoping to meet you personally sometime in the future.