FAN VIDEO & PHOTOS: Knight and Day Premieres in Brazil with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz at Vivo Rio, Rio de Janeiro event!

UPDATE: New Fan Photos, July 9

To all the fans in Brazil, you are amazing!

Here are the first fan and press provided photos flooding back into the blog from the Encontro Explosivo (In Brazil, Knight and Day goes by the title, Explosive Encounter), Brazilian premiere from all the fans who attended the event in Rio de Janeiro.

This post is filled with photos and coverage from fans in Brazil. We are continuing to post all of your awesome pictures, stories and video as they come in, so keep sending them!


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Carolina Mello/@carol_mello

Carolina Mello (@carol_mello) took the first picture above, asking Tom if she could see his eyes for a snap shot.
The action star is never too cool for fans and flashed her a smile. Cheers!

ABOVE: Carolina Mello (@carol_mello) caught Tom en route to the screening, asking him if she could see his eyes for a snap shot. The action star is never too cool for fans and flashed her his trademark smile. Cheers!

Tom continually greeted fans along the red carpet prior the Brazilian debut of Knight and Day at the Vivo Rio on Tuesday, July 6.

Check out the site of the Vivo Rio at the Parque do Flemengo on Google Earth where the premiere took place:

View Larger Map

Fans like you were there and are doing a fantastic job of sharing the experience with other movie enthusiasts throughout the world!


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Ana Carolina/@anacarol29

ABOVE: Ana Carolina (@anacarol29) sent us photos and a report from the event:

“After taking my picture with Tom, I also asked him to autograph my money, which he found out to be funny, asking me how much the bill was worth. Then, he went with Cameron to take couple pictures for the press but not before promising to come back.”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Ana Carolina/@anacarol29

ABOVE: Ana told us that both Tom and Cameron took their time to get to know fans lining the walk to the premiere at the Vivo Rio:

“Both [Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz] were very attentive to all the fans, especially Tom. He was very attentive and sympathetic, greeting every fan in the house.”


ABOVE: Tom and Cameron on stage at Rio Vivo, with Tom greeting the crowd in Portuguese! He tells the fans: “I’m so happy to come back to Brazil. I hope you enjoy the movie. We made it for you! Thank you so much! See you!”!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Ana Carolina/@anacarol29

ABOVE: Ana was all smiles getting a picture with Tom at the Rio premiere:

@tomcruise and @anacarol29, a perfect night!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Carolina Mello/@carol_mello

ABOVE: Carolina Mello also got some fan shots with the stars of the summer action comedy. Here she is with Cameron Diaz.


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Carolina Mello/@carol_mello

ABOVE: Carolina is about to greet Tom on the red carpet! This one’s taken right before she got the opening shot for this blog post. Great photo skills, Carolina!


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Wanderson Awlis/@wandersonawlis

ABOVE: Wanderson Awlis (@wanderonawlis) was able to greet Tom as well, getting close with the Encontro Explosivo star for a picture and autograph.


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Wanderson Awlis/@wandersonawlis

ABOVE: Thanks for the great pictures, Wanderson! Here’s a collage of Tom signing for the Brazilian fan, along with the autograph. Fantastic!


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Wanderson Awlis/@wandersonawlis

ABOVE: Wanderson also got to meet Cameron Diaz at the Vivo Rio premiere event. Talk about a great night! Two stars, two photos and two autographs. That’s almost too much!


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Wanderson Awlis/@wandersonawlis

ABOVE: Again, Wanderson sent us an awesome collage, with a picture of Cameron signing next to her autograph. Awesome!



ABOVE: Patricia Hassoun was also able to get a photo with Tom and shared with us this heart-warming story about how she’s been a fan of the action star since his early successes:

“I couldn’t fail to register my sincere compliments to Tom Cruise, who is an amazing person. I have been his fan since he was starred in Top Gun. Today I continue to follow his brilliant career. When I heard through the Internet he and the beautiful Cameron Diaz would be at the Vivo Rio, I left my law office early to see him. I was even more delighted with his charisma, charm and attention to all the fans there. Congratulations to Tom, who is a wonderful example of a person and who is always welcome in our city. Here is the picture I took with my eyes shining with joy. Before the photo, I wished him a Happy Birthday. Congratulations!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Ligia Barros/@lihbarros

ABOVE: Ligia Barros (@lihbarros) and her friends also got a picture with Tom, but didn’t know if the first one came out! No problem for Tom though, just shoot another photo! :) She shares the experience with us:

“He’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met! The camera didn’t work and he stopped and took two photos with us to make sure the camera was working.”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Ligia Barros/@lihbarros

ABOVE: Things worked a little easier for Ligia and her buddies when Cameron Diaz made her way over for a photo. All smiles! Ligia tells us:

“Me and my friends get to talk to both of them, and they are so sweet! I just can’t believe I met Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Vanessa Wohnrath/@vwmundodocinema

ABOVE: Blogger Vanesssa Wohnrath – a huge Tom Cruise fan – was overcome with emotion when she met the Knight and Day star and got to take a picture. She tells us:

“Look at my condition. I was very nervous, could not stop crying and shaking. That is the effect that Tom had on me.”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Bianca Silveira/@bianca_mag

ABOVE AND BELOW: Blanca Silveira also send us her photos with Cameron and Tom from the premiere. Those are some happy people!


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Bianca Silveira/@bianca_mag


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Ana Carolina/@anacarol29

ABOVE: Ana Carolina gives us an account of getting to the Vivo Rio and finding a spot in the crowd to welcome Tom and Cameron to Brazil:

“After anxiously waiting for the day I would finally see Tom Cruise again, my 3 friends and I stepped into Vivo Rio. It was about 7:00 pm, and lots of fans were already there. We made our way through the crowd and found a nice place where we would be able to see both Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz taking pictures for the press. It was 8:30 when they got to Vivo Rio.”

For all the fans at the premiere last night, we’re still happy to post your blogs, photos and videos from the Knight and Day premiere to this page with full credit. Share your experience with the world!

Stay tuned, there’s more to come!!

P.S. Here are a few professional press photos from the premiere in Rio de Janeiro!


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