FAN PHOTOS & BLOGS: Knight and Day London Premiere Recap with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

Tom Cruise fans in London, you heard us calling! And you answered with some seriously great photos and reports back from the United Kingdom premiere of Knight and Day with Tom and Cameron Diaz. Check out the amazing coverage coming back from the July 22 event at the Odeon Leicester Square.

Knight_And_Day_London_Fan _Tom_2


ABOVE: Among the fans gravitating to the Knight and Day event, Becky Reed, who edits her own movie blog at, sent us a slew of photos and reports back the event. From the sounds of things, she and the rest of “the hundreds that lined Leicester Square” were truly impressed with Tom’s dedication to fans over the course of the three hour red carpet walk!

“To call it merely signing would be a disservice, as Cruise methodically took his time with fans, signing autographs, posing for photos, making calls, laughing and joking with almost everyone.”

Doesn’t that make your hand start to cramp even think about holding a pen that long! ;) Years of taking care of fans has Tom in shape for this kind of workout. :)



ABOVE: Becky thinks it’s the genuine affection for the movie fans of the world that sets Tom apart in the hurried, modern age. He really impressed her with his approach to taking time to talk and reach out with each fan. We’re humbled to hear how much the fans appreciate Tom’s efforts. He does it all just for them!

“His red carpet experiences are legendary, but to witness what Cruise does first hand is something else. Warm and personable, he greets each person as if he has all the time in the world, as opposed to the hurried swishing of sharpies over clamouring hands.”



ABOVE: Becky thought the experience of the whole Knight and Day premiere was relaxed and comfortable for the fans as a testament to Tom’s personality. She also gives a quick shout out to the team and the way the event was scheduled. Thanks a million Becky!

“It’s pretty magical. His minders even manage to create a sense of calm, which is most unheard of. This is made possible by him assembling a shockingly pleasant group of PAs, who take your camera minutes in advance so you only have to worry about babbling on to Cruise when he reaches you… Press was out of the way first, giving him literally hours to do the rounds of the square.”

BELOW: Becky even inlcuded a link to some video from the international press, with interviews from Tom and Cameron, along with Knight and Day director James Mangold. The trio give fans an overview of the summer spy thriller, along with behind-the-scenes perspective about working together. From the sounds of it, the only thing more fun than making this movie will be watching it!

For all the fans that couldn’t make it out the event, you can fly right into Leicester Square via Google Earth below and check out where all the action took place:

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Fan photos continue to roll in from the London premiere, with some of Tom’s enthusiastic supporters showing off the great time they had on the red carpet.

Knight_And_Day_London_Fan _Tom_1


ABOVE: Sarah Hanmer got close with Tom during his three-hour meet and greet with fans – obviously happy after landing an autograph and photo from the Knight and Day star!

Knight_And_Day_London_Fan _Cameron_1


ABOVE: Sarah also got a chance to meet Cameron Diaz during the signing session prior to the screening. The Knight and Day heroine looked appropriately dazzling in a sequined Stella McCartney minidress. Also dazzled, Sarah looks to have scored an autograph from the shining star!

While your photos are obviously the most important, Tom’s fans couldn’t get outside the barrier to take a step back for a wide shot. So unfortunate! Thankfully, we have pix coming back from the international press to give perspective on the event.


PRESS PHOTO: Alan Davidson/The Picture Library

Again, we think all of you are the best! :) Thanks so much for your continued enthusiasm and support, it means the world to us.

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