FAN VIDEO & PHOTOS: Knight and Day Premieres in France with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz at Bordeaux Event!

To all the Tom Cruise fans in France at the Bordeaux premiere of Knight and Day: Vous êtes les meilleurs! Over 12,000 of you made it to line the red carpet for the French debut of the new action comedy on July 23 at the Cinéma MEGA CGR Le Français Bordeaux. Tom and Night and Day (as the movie is known in France) co-star Cameron Diaz strolled the lines, signing autographs, snapping photos with fans and greeting everyone in attendance.

We know you love Tom, and after hours of signing autographs, we hope you know he loves you too! Look below at all the fan video and photos caught at the event that some of the greatest fans shared with us.


ABOVE: Cédric (who has a YouTube channel at shot this video at the premiere catching Tom mixing it up with his fans. Talk about close, Tom might as well be in the crowd! Everyone seems to be loving the interaction, with the night rolls along smoothly.

Not one to mince words, Cédric keeps his commentary short and sweet:

“Tom was very nice with his fans!”

For everyone who couldn’t make the event, the video gives you how awesome the event would be. If you want to fly in for a look at the venue, check it out via Google Earth below:

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ABOVE: Cédric also was able to get some pretty great photos from the red carpet. If the press ever got the access and angles the fans did, they should consider themselves lucky!

Again, our super fan cuts to the chase with his take on the whole proceeding. Cédric, you’re a man of action and we respect that.

“Tom was REALLY REALY nice.”



ABOVE: Tom spent roughly two hours with fans outside the theater prior to the debut screening of Night and Day. Even if he wasn’t able to get to every single person there, he made his best effort to be sure! Again, thanks to all the French fans who came out to support the film. You can catch it in theaters throughout France starting Wednesday, July 28!

Cédric wraps up his thoughts with the following:

“[Tom] spends a lot of time with everyone, taking pictures with fans and signed a lot of autographs!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Cédric le Diabat/

ABOVE: Cédric la Diabat, who runs the movie blog also contributed with photos and reports back from the premiere. Thanks Cédric! He was able to meet up with Tom and couldn’t say enough about the experience:

“It’s incredible how nice he is! At one point, the French staff asked Tom’s assistant to tell Tom to stop signing autographs and talk with the press. Tom didn’t listen and wanted to stay with us to make everybody happy! And he kept signing and talking with people!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Cédric le Diabat/

ABOVE: It’s truly all for the fans in Tom’s eyes, right down to taking off his glasses to prove it! When Cédric asked Tom if he could get a picture sans shades, the Night and Day star obliged tout suite:

“I got an autograph and a picture with him. I asked him if he could take off his glasses for the picture and he did – he’s just so nice!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Cédric le Diabat/

ABOVE: Cédric was also able to catch up with Cameron on the red carpet. She of course looked stunning in a black and white Vionnet dress and black satin Casadei heels. Whether in France or not, she seems to always stay so chic.

Our fan correspondent thought more than anything though, she was just pleasant to meet with:

“I was also able to take a picture with Cameron Diaz, who was just wonderful and nice as well!”


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Cédric le Diabat/

ABOVE: Cameron Diaz also kept the pen hand busy, signing away for Cédric en route to the screening. It’s a great day for fans of cinema to land an autograph from one star, but two? It’s almost too much! ;)


FAN SUBMITTED PHOTO: Cédric le Diabat/

ABOVE: The Night and Day duo wound up their European trip with the French premiere, and caught a different kind of Tour altogether in the process. Tom and Cameron took in Stage 18 of the Tour de France, see here on-stage with the stage winner and eventual champion, Alberto Contador of Spain. The yellow jersey moment is huge for French and international cycling fans, so it’s obviously a huge honor for both stars to be involved with.

French fan Cédric la Diabat was able to get a quote from Tom about the experience of the Tour de France.

“I also managed to talk to him. I asked him if he enjoyed the Tour de France stage he attended. He said it was great and incredible.”

Merci Beaucoup to all the French fans! Your excitement and enthusiasm is infectious. We loved seeing you all at the premiere and all throughout the visit to your wonderful country.

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We can’t wait to hear from you. :)

Au Revoir!

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    I was the first of knight and day, and I bought my place as a cinema room, I waited 6 hours on arrival, a dream for me to finally approaching! (Because I did 300km that day for the event), but I do not rely on the fact that this staff has asked us to go in the room when Tom arrived! Very sad to finally seeing tom came through a screen and after my long wait for just a few sentences into the projection room! It is a pity my great regret is having let go my gate I held for 6 h to attend the screening! pending a future first-in France before my greatest wish.
    Tom cruise friendship that I admire! Good Luck

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